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August 2015 marked a huge shift in my professional life: I stopped offering testing services. I had been completing evaluations and assessments, primarily comprehensive psychological-educational evaluations, for a decade. Including the testing I completed as part of my seven years of training, that adds up to hundreds of testing clients. I LOVE testing! It is fascinating detective work that is quintessentially psychological. Moving on from this was a tough, painful, exciting, and necessary choice for me.

This shift allowed me to focus on the "how do we work with this" aspect, which appealed to me as broader and more empowering. For those who are seeking or have recently completed a psychological-educational evaluation, come on in! Here, you will find research-supported strategies to address whatever it is that brought you to testing in the first place. Mindfulness-based interventions are proving to be powerful resources for working with challenges such as anxiety, test anxiety, academic achievement, and ADHD/executive functioning issues.