Center for Healthy Minds






Compassionate Schools Project

Michael Jervais, Sports Psychologist

Mark Bertin, MD, Developmental Pediatrician 

Change to Chill (stress info for teens)


Personal account of anxiety and depression (Wil Wheaton)

Mindfulness for Dummies

Train Your Monkey Mind (Mingyur Rinpoche), (very short video)

I Mom so Hard, self-compassion (video)

US Dept of Education supporting mindfulness and meditation (blog)

Mindfulness talk given to youth (video)

Whole-school mindfulness at Middlesex School

Mind the Bump - Mindfulness and the Brain (video)

Urge Surfing - dealing with strong urge/emotions (video/meditation)

JusTme explains mindfulness (video)

3 Breathing exercises for anxiety (video)

How to stop yelling at your kids/students (article)

Middle school students learn to "Release" their stress (video)

Robot Relaxation for Kids  (article and audio)

Take 5 Breathing for kids (article and instructions)

Take a Breath song (audio)

The Socially Anxious Brain (article)

Behavior change: Tiny Habits Academy, Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab

The power of mistakes (video)

Friendship, bullying, special needs, and a big-hearted group of 5th grade boys (article and video)

Middle school boys being compassionate (video)

Jen Golbeck, PhD, social media expert (website)

Broken US mental health system explained by John Oliver (article and video)

Mindfulness in 5th grade classroom, with hip-hop (video)

Mindful Life Hip Hop (several tracks)

Song Cry...everybody hurts! (video/song)

Just Breathe: young kids talk about feelings and using breathing (video)

Happiness: NPR's TED Radio Hour (webpage with links and audio program)

Is the Drive for Success Making Our Children Sick? (NYT article)

3 Good Things from Duke University Health Systems (video and info)

How Chronic Stress Affects Your Brain? (video)

Mindfulness at a NYC girls' school: Aliza & the Mind Jar (video)

4 Jedi Mind(fulness) Tricks to Help an Anxious Child (Huffpost Parents article)

The Power of True Kindness (video)

Marianne Williamson: The Spiritual Purpose of Relationships (video)

Imposter Syndrome (NYT article)

Prince Ea: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity (video)

Restorative Justice (article)

TED talks:

Anger, Compassion, and What it Means to Be Strong (Russell Kolts, PhD - great resources on his website, too)

A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit (Judson Brewer, MD, PhD)

How to Make Stress Your Friend (Kelly McGonigal, PhD)